What’s the world’s perfect comfort food—potatoes, chocolate? Guess again.

It’s tea and in particular green tea. Known for its astounding health benefits as well as its distinctive flavor, tea has been enjoyed by the people of India, China, Japan and other Asian countries for centuries.

All tea leaves come from the Camellia sinensis bush, but the way the leaves are processed determines what type of tea it will become and what the health benefits will be.

To make black and oolong tea once the leaves are picked they are left to wither for a short time to encourage fermentation. No so with green tea.

Each cup of green tea is a delicate health building prize winner. No wonder it’s the second most widely consumed beverage next to water.

There are many benefits of drinking green tea primarily because of the antioxidants.

Antioxidants are substances that protect cells from the damage caused by unstable molecules known as free radicals which alter cells, corrupt DNA and are associated with a host of health problems.

They interact with and stabilize free radicals and so prevent some of the damage free radicals might otherwise cause.

So antioxidants are wonderful as a preventive measure.

Polyphenols are the major antioxidants in green tea—Camellia sinensis, which is the primary ingredient in Calli®.

Polyphenols make up about 30% of the dry leaf weight. These polyphenols exist as a series of chemicals called catechins.

However, as Dr. Chen, founder of Sunrider said “each food has a good and bad side. Camellia sinensis is no different. It has tea catechins (good) and caffeine and tannic acid (bad).”

When Calli® is prepared, the tea leaves are soaked so that virtually all the caffeine and tannic acid is removed. This is very important for people who are sensitive to caffeine.

Catechins are the chemicals that hold all the potent antioxidant and disease fighting properties. There are five different types of catechins the mightiest of all is epigallocatechin gallate or EGCg for short.

EGCG has been found to reactivate dying skin cells. As we age the metabolic activity on the surface of the skin cells slows dramatically. When exposed to catechins the old cells found in the upper layers of the epidermis start dividing again.

The benefit of this is to prevent and treat wrinkles and other skin conditions including age spots and wounds. This is why green tea extracts are being added to skin care products.

Catechins may also:

  • Help to suppress excessive blood sugar levels; balance blood sugar; when blood sugar levels are reduced, it also reduces the tendency for the development of insulin resistance, pre-diabetes and metabolic syndrome.
  • Lower bad cholesterol levels while raising good cholesterol, which helps to prevent heart attacks and strokes.
  • Reduce blood pressure.
  • Inhibit tumor growth.
  • Reduce the absorption of dietary fats by inhibiting the body’s ability to break them down.
  • Act as fat burners by activating the enzymes in the body that metabolize stored fat so they reduce body fat, especially abdominal fat.

Choose Calli® Over Ordinary Green Tea

Clean out the in your brain so you can think more clearly!

Calli®is the choice to replace caffeine drinks, such as colas, black teas, and coffee that steal not only your real energy but your dollars too.

The herbs in Calli® are grown under special conditions to ensure maximum nutrition. The soil they are grown in has never had pesticides and herbicides applied.

With nutrient depleted soil, even if it is certified organic, concentration is the key if we want to get the fullest benefit from our foods. Each pound of raw herbs in Calli® is concentrated from seven pounds down to one pound.


As with all plants, tea may contain aluminum, toxic heavy metals or fluoride. If these chemicals are in the soil they will be in the tea unless removed.

All ingredients in Calli® are tested to ensure they contain no toxic chemicals.

As Dr. Chen says, “Sunrider’s herbal beverages are completely different and a true art. Unlike Calli, nearly all teas contain ground up, unclean, fumigated and/or irradiated tea leaves and herbs.

We hand and machine clean the herbs to get rid of insects, dirt, rocks, and more things that would ruin your appetite. It’s a time-consuming process.
Then, we extract and concentrate the beneficial nutrients, minimizing the negative ingredients like caffeine and tannic acid.

Finally, we spray-dry the concentrated extracts onto the concentrated tea catechins. The result is light years ahead of typical teas.”


Most of our health food store detox products actually force the body to cleanse, and are therefore medicinal.

Calli® supports the body do what it does naturally and is therefore considered a food and not a medicine.

While many of the undesirable elements we take into our body are quickly eliminated, others are not.

The unique combination of herbal extracts in Calli® assist in the body’s natural cleansing and waste elimination processes that result from normal digestion and metabolism.

Calli® feeds the liver and the kidneys to do the job they’re intended to do.

This means the liver can eliminate toxins that come from our food or the environment. Environmental toxins that Calli® helps eliminate are mercury and other heavy metals.


It’s designed to support the body’s natural energy pathways, and as our energy flow is facilitated our state of well-being and alertness is enhanced.


It also enhances the communication between the body’s five basic systems: immune, endocrine, digestive, respiration, and circulation.

Greater harmony and balance is achieved in the body when these systems are healthy and working together.

What each body does with Calli® is highly individual but results have included:

  • Improved mental clarity
  • Increased energy
  • Natural slenderness
  • Improved fat digestion
  • Improved cleansing of body wastes, toxic substances, and heavy metals
  • Lower blood cholesterol levels
  • Greater emotional stability

Calli® Regular, Mint & Cinnamon

Calli® is much more than just green tea. It’s an exclusive formula created using owner expertise with proven effectiveness.

It was originally created 5000 years ago by Shaolin Priests in the Himalayas to increase mental focus and concentration during meditation.

Calli® is a nutrient-rich, enhanced herbal beverage. It’s a synergistic blend of camillia leaf, perilla leaf, mori bark extract, alisma root extract and imperate root.

Each food in Calli® complements the other, so weaknesses of any one food are overcome.

Unlike many herbal beverages, Calli® is alkaline in nature. As you know one of the main reasons we get diseases is because our bodies are acidic.

If our bodies are alkaline, impurities are less likely to be absorbed during digestion and retained in the body.

Coffee and black tea are both acidic and therefore contribute to the degeneration of our body.

How to Prepare Calli®

Make your tea with water that does not contain fluoride. This is of particular interest to people who live in areas where the water if fluoridated.

Steep one Calli® tea bag in hot water (not boiling) for three to five minutes depending on the strength desired.

The leaves in Calli® are coated with a number of other concentrated herbs that quickly disperse in water when you steep it.

This is why you should only use the bag once.

Each tea bag can make up to 12 cups of tea. I make it one bag to 6 cups.

The following Calli Products are available:

Order Code 15005 Regular 10/2.5 g Bags
Order Code 15025 Mint 10/2.5 g Bags
Order Code 15015 Cinnamon 10/2.5 g Bags
Order Code 15009 Regular 60/2.5 g Bags
Order Code 15029 Mint 60/2.5 g Bags
Order Code 15019 Cinnamon

To order Calli®, send me an email: or call (613) 841 3205 in the Ottawa area for my sponsor information. Start enjoying Calli® right now!

Compiled by Sunrider Independent Business Consultant Darika Joyce Friesen

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